Upcoming gigs: a list of the best upcoming shows in Glasgow

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9/3 The Fallen Angels Club presents Sons of Bill, the Wynntown Marshals at Stereo

9/3 Crowbar!, Dripback, Dune at Tut’s

9/3 Interactek 0.5 at Sleazy’s

9/3 D.A.N.C.E with Jazz Pals Sing, Bronagh Monaghan at QMU

9/3 Nightshade, Cyclamen, Sworn Against +more at Audio (4pm)

9/3 GUSH Band Night at The Roxy 171

10/3 The English Beat, Dave Wakeling, Roddy Radiation, Capone and the Bullets, Esperanza at ABC

10/3 Thomas J Speight, Joseph Miller at Tut’s

10/3 The Codeine Club Showcase featuring Indigo Fool, Charly Houston, Chris Blair, Jodie Helena, Lynzie Dray, Chris Jones at Broadcast

10/3 Revelo Music Promotions presents Eastside Acoustics with Tom Vevers, adullboy, Bainy at Pivo

10/3 Dean Howden, Peinsula, ZULU, The Guilded Splinters at Box

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11/3 God Is An Astronaut, Nordic Giants at ABC

11/3 Stanley Brinks, The Wave Pictures, Freschard at CCA

11/3 Marika Hackman, Marie Collins, Indigo Fool at Tut’s

11/3 Sport, Bayone, The Sinking Feeling 13th Note

11/3 Life On Standby at Bloc

11/3 All Time Low, Tonight Alive, Only Rivals at Academy

11/3 Eskimo Callboy, iwrestledabearonce, Her Bright Skies, As Daylight Fades at  Ivory Blacks

11/3 Killer Kitsch 9th Birthday Party at The Buff Club (club)

11/3 Voodoo Voodoo at Sleazy’s (club)

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12/3 Haim at Barrowlands

12/3 We Are Scientists, Superfood, The Heartbreaks at ABC

12/3 Stu Larsen, Sophie Rogers at Tut’s

12/3 The Warlocks at Broadcast

12/3 Deadly Inscription, The Ciazarn Affair, Saints, Dougie Fae The Ship at Sleazy’s

12/3 TariboWest with Press To Meco, Shrine at Bloc

12/3 Eastside Acoustics presents Ryan Morcombe, Hannah O’Reilly, Calum O’Connor, Gareth Croll  at 13th Note

12/3 Land of Giants at Box

12/3 Sub Rosa featuring Leon Vynehall at Sub Club (club)

12/3 Club ShangriLa presents Him_Self_Her at Saint Judes (club)

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13/3 Clannad, Mary Black at The Royal Concert Hall

13/3 Eduardo Niebla at Oran Mor

13/3 Jonny Jack, The Last September, Alice and the Rampant at Sleazy’s

13/3 TRANS, Eugene Tombs, Hausfrau at CCA

13/3 We Came From Wolves (EP Lucnh), Vasa, Poor Things at Broadcast

13/3 Your Favorite Enemies, The Sea, Polar Bears In Purgatory, Start Static at Tut’s

13/3 Mountains Under Oceans, True Arcadian, EDA, A Sudden Burst of Colour at ABC

13/3 Good Grief’s Good Shop with Labasheeda, Bellow Below, Lost Limbs at Bloc

13/3 Shambles Miller at McCHuillh

13/3 Atragon, Pyre of the Earth, Stob Dearg, Party Cannon at 13th Note

13/3 Cypher 16 at Audio

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14/3 Machine In Heaven (album launch), Infant Telethon, Patricia Panther, Gods From Outer Space at Stereo

14/3 The Aviators, John Hopper at Sleazy’s

14/3 Dar Williams at CCA

14/3 Raymond Meade, Gerry Cinnamon, Dougie Greig at Tut’s

14/3 Miles Hunt and Erica Nockalls, Kenneth Bowman at The Admiral

14/3 The Accelerator with Jenny Lindsay, Loki, Rachel Amey, Tracy Patrick at The Roxy 171

14/3 Seamus Fogarty, Randolph’s Leap, Bottle of Steven at The Glad Cafe

14/3 The Spook School, Tuff Love, Sharptooth at 13th Note

14/3 Secateurs, Knock On Effect, The Beat Movement, Uncle Judas at The Buff Club

14/3 Voodoo Six, Santa Cruz, Semper Fi, Mason Hill at Audio

14/3 Diamond Mindworks, CodeName, The Rich, Bite the Buffalo at Box

14/3 Hue and Cry at ABC

14/3 Officium Novum: Jan Garbarek with The Hilliard Ensemble at Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum

14/3 Return To Mono: Saved 100 with Nic Fanciulli, Slam at Sub Club (club)

14/3 TR//ER, Void at The Art School (club)

14/3 Kino Fist at Sleazy’s (club)

14/3 The Spin Launch Night with Marky Mark Robertson at The Record Factory (club)

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15/3 Drake, The Weeknd at Hydro

15/3 The New Fabian Society, The Sneaky Russians at Broadcast

15/3 Pete MacLeod, Twisted Melons, Paul John MacIver at Tut’s

15/3 The Trend, The Difference at Sleazy’s

15/3 Adam Stafford, Rick Redbeard at The Glad Cafe

15/3 Fuzzkill Records presents Pinact Fundraiser at Plan B Books

15/3 Lusty, Mog Shadow People, Gasp, Steg G, Freestyle Master at Audio

15/3 Mutineers, The Hazy Shades, The Sundance Shatter, Lemonhaze, The Tripps at Flat 0/1

15/3 Wonk Unit, The Murderburgers, The Kimberly Steaks, The Bucky Rage, The Lemonaids, Meansteed, Don Blake, Part Asylum at 13th Note

15/3 Hana, Formal Party, Losing Ground, 5 Second Warning, The Hypnic Jerks at Pivo

15/3 Brothers Sisters, Acoustic Apathy at The Garage

15/3 St Patricks Day Special: Have Mercy Las Vegas, Feet of Clay, Les Rusty Scruffs at The Record Factory

15/3 ShadowPeople at Audio

15/3 Hue and Cry at ABC

15/3 Example at The Garage

15/3 Example After Party with DJ Wire at The Arches (club)

15/3 Fedde La Grand, Goldfish at The Arches (club)

15/3 Subculture Trouw Takeover featuring Young Marco & Olaf Boswijk at Sub Club (club)

15/3 CryptiQ with CTRLS at Stereo (club)

15/3 Lunar C, DeadSoundz, Tongue Acrobats, Crown Sound, Toke Clothing, Boisht at Broadcast (club)

15/3 Super Trouper Club at Flying Duck (club)

15/3 Strange Paradise with Ubre Blanca at Sleazy’s (club)

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16/3 The Notwist, JEL at Mono

16/3 IndianRedLopez, Inuit, Plum at Stereo

16/3 Ugly Duckling, Fingathing at Broadcast

16/3 Ella Eyre, Javeon, Jake Isaac at Tut’s

16/3 Yeah Detroit, Mind Set A Threat, Spoke Too Soon at Audio

16/3 The Wanted, The Vamps, Elyar Fox at The Hydro


17/3 Stiff Little Fingers at Barrowlands

17/3 Thomas Lang Drum Clinic at ABC

17/3 The Codeine Club Showcase featuring Indigo Fool, Charly Houston, Chris Blair, Jodie Helena, Lynzie Dray, Chris Jones at Broadcast

17/3 Conan, Bast, Headless Kross, Bacchus Baracus at Audio


18/3 NME Awards Tour 2014 featuring Interpol, Temples, Royal Blood, Circa Waves at Academy

18/3 Kodaline, James Bay, Amber Run at The Barrowlands

18/3 Space & Republica at Tut’s

18/3 As Elephants Are at Broadcast

18/3 Official Aftershow Party with Temples (DJ Set) at The Record Factory (club)

18/3 Voodoo Voodoo at Sleazy’s (club)

19/3 Steel Panther, The Cringe at Academy

19/3 Red Fang, Shrine, Lord Dying at The Classic Grand

19/3 Metronomy at ABC

19/3 Twin Forks, Ivan & Alyosha, Brave Young Red at Tut’s

19/3 Patterns, Life Model at Broadcast

19/3 Eastside Acoustics presents Kim Wheeler, Jack Glass, Boy With The Lion Head, Cait Marshall at 13th Note

19/3 Heaven’s Basement at Cathouse

19/3 Empire Declined at Box

19/3 Sub Rosa with Harri B2B Jasper James at Sub Club (club)

19/3 Not Moving at Sleazy’s (club)

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20/3 Gummy Stumps, Bad Aura, Torsten Lauschmann (DJ) at Mono

20/3 Dan Croll, Racing Glaciers, Laurel at Tut’s

20/3 Matt Nathanson, Stephen Kellogg at ABC

20/3 CherryGrove (album launch) at Stereo

20/3 Only Real at Broadcast

20/3 St John’s Ambience, The Zonules of Zinn, Slim Mistress, Forever Machine at 13th Note

20/3 Algernon Doll, Poor Things, Lovers Turn To Monsters at The Glad Cafe

20/3 Angus Munro at Citerion

20/3 Young Hearts Spark Fire band showcase at The Record Factory

20/3 Rubix with Funkineven at Sub Club (club)

1656337_412445765558167_66523806_n 1506700_641829389206878_2140428388_n 1920605_411944025616587_169043083_n 1966797_791348634227218_611574801_n

21/3 March of the Mods 2014 – In Aid of Teenage Cancer Trust at ABC

21/3 The Radiophonic Workshop at The Art School

21/3 How To Swim (album launch), Fat-Suit, Brass, Aye at CCA

21/3 Saint Raymond at Tut’s

21/3 Lyla Foy at Sleazy’s

21/3 Colonel Mustard and the Dijon 5, Lorraine McCauley & The Borderlands at The Bike Station

21/3 Karmana at The Glad Cafe

21/3 “The Larch?”, Ramage Inc., Pilljaw at 13th Note

21/3 Cyrus Rose, Club De Radio, Parralel Redemption, Quaid, Beltur at The Buff Club

21/3 The Coffins, Insectways, Emma Nailen at Audio

21/3 All Time Low, The LaFontaines, Only Rivals at Academy

21/3 Life, Clench at The Record Factory

21/3 Ayakara, Lyndsey Craig at Box

21/3 The Void with Egyptian Lover, DJ Bunty, Void Militia, Maxi Dance Pool at The Art School (club)

21/3 Offbeat Creme Organization Showcase at La Cheetah (club)

21/3 Tremors with Mullen, Cammy De Felice at Flat 0/1 (club)

21/3 Kill Yr Idols at Sleazy’s (club)

1779275_10202726886789759_19916751_n 65119_181633792045668_1565877898_n

22/3 Daughtry at ABC

22/3 Windrush at Stereo

22/3 Big Boy Bloater at Sleazy’s

22/3 Metal Hammer present Lords of the Riff Tour featuring Monster Truck, Scorpion Child at Tut’s

22/3 City of Lights, the Durty Wurks, Justhope at ABC

22/3 The Stripped Sessions presents Daniel Wylie, Neil Sturgeon, Bullit at The Old Hairdressers

22/3 The Bismark, Ex-Wives, Bite, The Phar’i Sees at 13th Note

22/3 Fuzzkill Records presents Basement Bash with Deathcats, Algernon Doll, Passion Pusher at Plan B Books

22/3 Daniel Wylie at The Old Hairdressers

22/3 Brendan Mclaughlin at The Glad Cafe

22/3 Octane OK, Bentley Park, We Found Out, Empty Avenue, Act Natural at The Classic Grand

22/3 Friday Morning Club at Audio

22/3 Octane OK at Ivory Blacks

22/3 OneRepublic, Mikky Echo at Academy

22/3 Fall Out Boy, The Pretty Reckless at The Hydro

22/3 Subculture at Sub Club (club)

22/3 Boogaloo with Dirty Basement at Flat 0/1 (club)

22/3 Hausdimension at Sleazy’s (club)


23/3 Andy McKee at Oran Mor

23/3 Gabrielle at Royal Concert Hall

23/3 Banks, Eclair Fifi at ABC

23/3 Halo Tora, This Silent Forest, Dialects at Cottiers

23/3 Billy Lockett, Anna McLuskie at Tut’s

23/3 Robin & Partridge at Sleazy’s

23/3 Rungs, Young Philadelphia, Min Diesel, Infant Telethon at 13th Note

23/3 Dave Hughes and the Renegade Folk Punk Band, Reely Jiggered at Pivo

23/3 The Telescreen at Audio

24/3 Earl Sweatshirt at The Garage

24/3 Band of Skulls, Coves at QMU

24/3 Loveable Rogues, Chloe Latimer at Tut’s

24/3 The Codeine Club Showcase featuring Malina Rolink, John Alexander, Joe Tinkler, Caitlin McKenna, Marie Collins, Ryan Morcombe at Broadcast

24/3 SARSAPARILLA, Jordan Findlay, Erin Vivers Ferguson at Box

25/3 Azealia Banks at Academy

25/3 Franz Ferdinand, Eagulls at Barrowlands

25/3 Natives, Bleach Blood, Arches, Cavaliers at Tut’s

25/3 ReFuge Point, The Swinging Mables, Ross Attrill at Broadcast

25/3 Silence The Moderator, Onatopp, The Buddhist Punks at 13th Note

25/3 The Once at The Admiral

25/3 Code Orange Kids, Twitching Tongues at Audio

25/3 Voodoo Voodoo at Sleazy’s (club)

26/3 Darkside at The Art School

26/3 The Four Tops, The Temptations at Clyde Auditorium

26/3 Dexters, Medicine Men, Jim Valentine at Tut’s

26/3 Sam Brookes, Hot Feet, Paul Gilbody. Leanne Smith at Sleazy’s

26/3 Eastside Acoustics presents Nieves, William Freeman, Mike Brown, Michael Timmons at 13th Note

26/3 Georgia Gordon, Glasgow Glam Bangers, The Scabby Queen at Box

26/3 Sub Rosa with Loverbirds at Sub Club (club)

26/3 So Weit So Gut at Sleazy’s (club)

promoposter 1620526_711195022253596_1661439577_n 1897897_10203241877153818_1228371943_n

27/3 Wild Beasts, East India Youth at The Arches

27/3 Brown Bear & The Bandits, Rose Parade, Little Fire, John Condron at Broadcast

27/3 Steve Forbert at St Andrew’s In The Square

27/3 Tokyo Police Club, Waiting For Go at Tut’s

27/3 Bedford Rascals, Panda Trap, L’elephant at Sleazy’s

27/3 Pinact, Black International, everythingwesayisfact at The Roxy 171

27/3 The Bonnevilles, The Brutes, Geek Maggot Bingo at 13th Note

27/3 Austin Lucas, PJ Bond, Norman Silver and the Gold, Mark McCabe at Audio

27/3 Academy Strangers, Sea Of Crown, Avante at Pivo

1625492_478593815579757_1304135928_n pressure-march-2014-a3-rgb-for-web 551034_705355746162619_990849152_n

28/3 Velveteen Saints, Scary People at Sleazy’s

28/3 The Fire and I (album launch) at Broadcast

28/3 Holy Smokes presents The Strange Blue Dreams, Les Johnson and Me at The Old Hairdressers

28/3 Betatone Distraction, Kochka at The Roxy 171

28/3 The RainBand, Formal party, The Rock-ford Files, De Mello at Pivo

28/3 Yung Lean, Sad Boys at Audio

28/3 Beehover, Lords of Bastard, Skeleton Gong at 13th Note

28/3 Lyndsey Hurren (EP Launch), Megan Davidson, Craig Whyte, Brian McCafferty, Becca Fox at The Buff Club

28/3 Kevin Montgomery at The Glad Cafe

28/3 Know Your Product present Cyanide Pills, The Jackhammers, Get It Together at 13th Note

28/3 Gerry Cinnamons Open Jam Night at The Record Factory

28/3 Shock! Harzard, Miss Country Blue & The Jure Grando Band at Box

28/3 Paolo Nutini at Tut’s

28/3 You Me At Six, Don Broco, Young Kato at Academy

28/3 Russell Watson at The Royal Concert Hall

28/3 Pressure: End of Season Party at The Arches (club)

28/3 Made In Glasgow presents Bosco, Rebecca Vasmant at Saint Judes (club)

28/3 The Hot Club at Sleazy’s (club)

1480731_641108349274214_1927370684_n 1661783_478608442244961_1788064238_n 1620746_3900357525300_1974059281_n 1964949_10202556485847137_390073736_n 1779358_10152249497895071_927932035_n 1469968_10151761350631561_1611546542_n 1780820_755397747817669_514968408_n

29/3 Vigo Thieves, Prides, Cammy Black at ABC

29/3 65daysofstatic at The Arches

29/3 Francois and the Atlas Mountains, Barbarossa at Stereo

29/3 The Men at Broadcast

29/3 Tom Paxon, Janis Ian at City Halls

29/3 PULSE presents Ron Geesin at City Halls

29/3 Mike Peters at Tut’s

29/3 The Sherlocks, The Responsible, The Rah’s, The Mona Lisas, Polar Necks at Flat 0/1

29/3 Lung Season, Algernon Doll, Fiesta Minor at Plan B Books

29/3 Rhodes at The Roxy 171

29/3 The Bevvy Sisters (album launch) at The Glad Cafe

29/3 Polarnecks at Pivo Pivo

29/3 The Ray-Bandos at The Record Factory

29/3 Circle Of Reason at Box

29/3 Sincerity at Audio

29/3 You Me At Six, Don Broco, Young Kato at Academy

29/3 Paolo Nutini at The Barrowlands

29/3 Subculture with Ten Walls at Sub Club (club)

29/3 STREETrave: Class of ’89 at The Arches (club)

29/3 Helena Hauff, The Guild of Calamitous Intent at Sleazy’s (club)

29/3 notsosilent presents Matthew Jonson at La Cheetah (club)

1794661_661255420608358_1326167146_n 1506483_10151894204165047_897332570_n 1896848_587070094713785_29356956_n

30/3 The Selecter at ABC

30/3 United Fruit, Secret Motorbikes, Bad Luck at Stereo

30/3 Forest, Farkow at Tut’s

30/3 Heart of Rust, The Last National Band, Alan Frew at The Glad Cafe


31/3 UB40 at ABC

31/3 Peanut Butter Wolf at Broadcast

31/3 Howler, Kill Surrrf at Tut’s

31/2 Hopsin at Cathouse

31/3 Universal Thee, Refuge Point at Box

31/3 Jason Derulo, Connor Maynard at Academy

1/4 La Luz, Deathcats at Mono

1/4 Klaxons at Tut’s

1/4 Voodoo Voodoo at Sleazy’s (club)

2/4 Emblem3 at ABC

2/4 Yashin, I Divide at Stereo

2/4 Emily & The Woods at Broadcast

2/3 Death and the Penguin at Sleazy’s

2/4 Quinny at Beresford Lounge

2/4 Gary Barlow at The Hydro

2/4 Take It Sleazy’s at Sleazy’s (club)

3/4 Five Finger Death Punch, Upon A Burning Body, Pop Evil at Academy

3/4 The Parlotones, One Last Secret at Tut’s

3/4 With Eve at Sleazy’s

1972325_596447730438025_581270537_n 1898158_10202513169624642_397869284_n 1456073_261861377322507_1047844457_n

4/4 Justin Timberlake at The Hydro

4/4 Manic Street Preachers, The Twilight Sad at Barrowlands

4/4 Goldfrapp at Royal Concert Hall

4/4 Bipolar Sunshine, Indiana, Kimberley Anne, Huevo and the Giant at Tut’s

4/4 Pronto Mama (EP launch) at Broadcast

4/4 Counterflows Festival: Ai Aso, Ela Orleans & Maya Borg, The Space Lady at Garent Hill Multi-Cultural Centre

4/4 Counterflows Festival: Aki Onda & Akio Suzuki at Fleming House Underground Car Park

4/4 Counterflows Festival: Luke Fowler, Mika Vainio, Lee Patterson at CCA

4/4 Strike, Over!, Fly the Friendly, Ikarie-XB1, Of Spire and Throne at 13th Note

4/4 Voe, Sunsmasher, Black Cop, Kabobo at Plan B Books

4/4  Yugenauts at Box

4/4 Talk Of The Devil, Destroyer, the Sleaze Brothers at Ivory Blacks

4/4 Counterflows Festival: Joe McPhee, Whilst at CCA (club)

4/4 Harsh Tug at Sleazy’s (club)

1555394_691137620936335_1787995904_n 1601062_10200256556176894_1592483768_n unnamed 1654309_481225831983222_874717404_n 1489210_10151989817887358_1046038209_n 1922019_726310277400183_548365615_n 1456073_261861377322507_1047844457_n

5/4 Justin Timberlake at The Hydro

5/4 Jonathan Carr, Lou Hickey, The Cairn String Quartet at ABC

5/4 Solid Silver 60’s at The Royal Concert Hall

5/4 Randolph’s Leap (album launch), Sweey Baboo, Rachael Dadd at Kinning Park Complex

5/4 Puzzled Aardvark Promotions presents The Just Joans, Gums!, Callum Baird, Colin’s Godson at Broadcast

5/4 Weekend Dat Out: New Ancestors, Vagabond Poets, Madison, Return To The Sun at Sleazy’s (16.15)

5/4 Gramotones, The Magnetic, The Trend, Blue Honey, Anthony Moore at Flat 0/1

5/4 Gorgoroth, Vital Remains at Audio

5/4 This Feeling at The Record Factory

5/4 Shamble Miller at The Glad Cafe

5/4 Matt Cardle at The Arches

5/4 Foreigner, Europe, FM at Clyde Auitorium

5/4 Halestorm, The Smoking Hearts at ABC

5/4 Counterflows Festival: Joe McPhee at CCA (1.45pm)

5/4 Counterflows Festival: Cara Tolmie & Paul Abbott at CCA (5.45pm)

5/4 Counterflows Festival: John Butcher & Mark Saunders: Tarab Cuts / Ghedalia Tazartes & Maya Dunietz / Will Guthrie, David Maranah at CCA

5/4 Counterflows Festival:  Cry Parrot presents Heatsick, Golden Teacher, Joe McPhee at The Art School (club)

5/4 Hardcore All Stars: Angerfist, Bloodcage at The Arches (club)

5/4 Melting Pot at The Admiral (club)


6/4 Elbow, Jim Goodwin at The Hydro

6/4 The Stevie Nimmo Trio at Oran Mor

6/4 True Widow at Broadcast

6/4 Devildriver at The Garage

6/4 Negura Bunget at Audio

6/4 Counterflows Festival: The Space Lady at Queen’s Park (1.30pm)

6/4 Counterflows Festival: Sonic Bothy at The Glad Cafe (3pm)

6/4 Counterflows Festival: Joe McPhee Trio, Rodelius & Schneider at The Glad Cafe

7/4 Deaf Havana, The Maine at ABC

7/4 David Lynch presents Chrysta Bell at Oran Mor

7/4 Therapy? – Troublegum20th Anniversary Tour, Lonely The Brave at The Garage

7/4 James Walsh at Tut’s

8/4 Stephen O’Malley, ALUK TODOLO, Opaque at The Art School

8/4 True Widow at Broadcast

8/4 Abandcalledboy at Bloc

8/4 Status Quo – Frantic Four 20014 at Academy

9/4 Thunderbird Gerard at Broadcast

9/4 Paul Thomas Saunders at Tut’s

9/4 Raglans at Sleazy’s

9/4 Status Quo – Frantic Four 20014 at Academy

9/4 Beltur at Box

10/4 Red Kite, Have Mercy Las Vegas at Tut’s

10/4 King Ayisoba, Zea, Sacred Paws at Platform

10/4 Archie Pelago & Dean Grenier at The Art School

10/4 Peggy Sue, Eyes & No Eyes at Broadcast

10/4 Menage A Trois, Alan Smithee at Sleazy’s

10/4 The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die, Empire! Empire! (I Was A Lonely Estate), Inuit at The Classic Grand


11/4 The Dualers, Urang Matang, Bombskare, DJ Baz at ABC

11/4 Christy Moore at Barrowlands

11/4 Augustines at The Arches

11/4 Culann (single launch), Keeping Dirt Clean, Wrongnote, Sonic Templars at Audio

11/4 Simone Felice at Tut’s

11/4 Suzy Bogguss at St Andrew’s In the Square

11/4 Silver Coast at The Buff Club

11/4 Beholder at Ivory Blacks

11/4 Kino Fist at Sleazy’s (club)


12/4 Cut Copy at ABC

12/4 Manchester Orchestra at SWG3

12/4 Pierced Arrows at Mono

12/4 DIY oe DIE Vol I featuring Twin Mirrors, Deathcats, Future Glue, Secret Motorbikes at Broadcast

12/4 Marc O’Reilly, Michael Cassidy, Scott Logan, Ryan Joseph Burns at Tut’s

12/4 Herculean at Sleazy’s

12/4 Call To Mind (album launch), Campfires In Winter, Prehistoric Friends at The Glad Cafe

12/4 Holocaust, Savage, Disaster Area, NNGNN at Ivory Blacks

12/4 Hawthorne Heights at Stereo

12/4 Wrong Island at Sleazy’s (club)

13/4 Christy Moore with Declan Sinnott at Royal Concert Hall

13/4 Malcolm Holcombe at The Admiral

13/4 Boyce Avenue, Nick Howard, Ebony Day at The Barrowlands

13/4 Jesca Hoop at Tut’s

13/4 Cian Nugent & The Cosmos, Gareth Dickson at Broadcast

13/4 The Face On The Moon, Cloud of Starlings, Hello Creepy Spider, The Rising Souls at Sleazy’s

13/4 Memphis May Fire at Cathouse

13/4 Kris Roe at Audio

14/4 The Wildhearts, Von Hertzen Brothers, Hey! Hello! at ABC

14/4 Broken Records at Tut’s


15/4 Within Temptation at Academy

15/4 Brand New, Saves The Day, The Front Bottoms at The Barrowlands

15/4 Caravan, Tristan Mackay at ABC

15/4 Vukovi, A Plastic Rose at Oran Mor

15/4 Mike Watt & The Missingmen at Broadcast

15/4 Richard Youngs at Secret Location

15/4 Xibalba at the Classic Grand

15/4 Carnivores at Flat 0/1

15/4 James Blunt at The Royal Concert Hall


16/4 The Summer Set, William Beckett, Paradise Fears at Tut’s

16/4 Richard Youngs at Secret Location

16/4 SNFU, Ultra Bide, Get It Together at Audio

16/4 Not Moving at Sleazy’s (club)

unnamed 1969204_690105447707837_1217831047_n 1489160_10152004144332358_1170820909_n

17/4 Gallon Drunk, Sluts of Trust, Bite at Mono

17/4 Guerilla Radio, Transcension, Dawnphobia at Sleazy’s

17/4 Richard Youngs at Secret Location

17/4 Kobosh, Sixth Avenue Traffic, Teresa Banks at 13th Note

17/4 Ben Marwood, Pip Mountjoy, Chris Devition at The Glad Cafe

17/4 Sleepy Sun at Broadcast

17/4 The McBusted Tour with McFly, Busted at The Hydro

17/4 Uneven Structure, Hacride and Ferium at Ivory Blacks

17/4 Love Action: Erol Alkan, Daniel Avery, Marc Houle at The Arches (club)

1779328_10151842314331324_1555582944_n 1620802_601166679959331_1272138862_n

18/4 George Clinton and P Funk, The Bernie Worrell Orchestra at ABC

18/4 Restorations, The Smith Street Band, Astpai, Lachance at Audio

18/4 Withered Hand (album launch), The Yawns at CCA

18/4 The Dunwells at Oran Mor

18/4 Emma Stevens at Broadcast

18/4 The Crookes, High Hazels, Made As Mannequins at Tut’s

18/4 Billy Jeffret Jnr, Steph Fraser at Sleazy’s

18/4 Sheets Ov Easter Festival at 13th Note

18/4 Advent Promotions Presents Acoustic Roots Friday at The Roxy 171

18/3 One Last Secret at The Garage

18/4 Closer, Half Hour Hotel, Bite Night at Box

18/4 The McBusted Tour with McFly, Busted at The Hydro

18/4 Love Action: Eats Everything, Frankie Knuckles, David Morales at The Arches (club)


19/4 Sophie Ellis-Bextor at Oran Mor

19/4 Diane Cluck, Adam Stearns at Sleazy’s

19/4 Bridie Jackson & The Arbour at CCA

19/4 Sheets Ov Easter Festival at 13th Note

19/4 Chas & Dave, The Raw Kings at ABC

19/4 Reachback, We Found Out, Coastlines at Audio

19/4 Love Action: John Digweed, Benn Pearce at The Arches (club)

20/4 Sophie Ellis Bextor at Oran Mor

20/4 Of Mice & Men, Issues, Beartooth at ABC

20/4 Cry Parrot presents The Ex at Sleazy’s

20/4 Lucius at Stereo

20/4 Fuzzkill Records presents Algernon Doll, Pinact, The Walking Targets at 13th Note

20/4 Mr Scruff, Andrew Pirie, Simon Cordiner at The Admiral (club)

21/4 Alkaline Trio, Bayside at ABC

21/4 Horace Andy, Dub Asante, Matic Horns at ABC

21/4 King Khan & the Shrines at Broadcast

21/4 Brody Dalle at The Garage

image 1794825_595652290527329_568481032_n

22/4 Seahaven, Nai Harvest, Battle Lines at 13th Note

22/4 The Body, Headless Kross, Voe, Buried Sleeper at Audio

23/4 Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats at Garage

23/4 Neil Finn at The Royal Concert Hall

23/4 The Nightingales, Ted Chippington, Sharptooth at Sleazy’s

23/4 Sick Puppies, The Feud, Rank Berry at Tut’s

23/4 Chet Faker at Broadcast

23/4 Garrett Klahn, Karl Larsson at Audio

23/4 So Weit So Gut at Sleazy’s (club)


24/4 Northside at The Classic Grand

24/4 Matthew and the Atlas at Broadcast

24/4 There Little Kings, Phantom Brake Pedal, Last Of Us, Rachel McAlpine at Sleazy’s

24/4 Patent Pending, People On Vacation at The Garage

24/4 The Rifles at Oran Mor

24/4 Blue Pills at Audio

24/4 Bez’s Acid House presents Northside Afterparty at The Classic Grand (club)

image003 1798621_453465248115628_1205915416_n

25/4 Gorgon City, Paul Woolford, Anuska at The Arches

25/4 The Temperance Movement at QMU

25/4 Kobi Onyame at ABC

25/4 STG Promotions presents Martin Metcalfe and the Fornicators at Sleazy’s

25/4 School of Language at Broadcast

25/4 Grousebeater Sound System at Tut’s

25/4 Carcer City, The Fall of Eden, Hand of Horus, She Cried Wolf at  13th Note


26/4 Fatherson at The Arches

26/4 Wildflowers at Sleazy’s

26/4 Mountain of Love, Crash Club at The Admiral

26/4 The John Butler Trio, Brett Dennen at Academy

26/4 Scotland Calling at ABC

26/4 Blood Relatives at Broadcast

26/4 Walk Off The Earth at QMU

26/4 The Hoax, Well Hung Heart, Federal Charm at ABC

26/4 Everlast at Tut’s

26/4 Kill City Radio, From The Storm, Dead Man Fall, Saint Secaire, Northern Nightlights at Pivo

27/4 Eddi Reader at ABC

27/4 Blood Red Shoes, DZ Deathrays at Oran Mor

27/4 Rufus at Stereo

27/4 Van Warped Acoustic Basement Tour with GeoffRickly, Koji. robLynch, Brian Marquis at ABC

27/4 Ben Ottwell at Tut’s

27/4 Micah P Hinson at Broadcast

27/4 Elway, Joe McMahon at Audio

28/4 Joan as a Police Woman, Jake Issac at Oran Mor

28/4 Young Kato, Pixel Fix at Tut’s

1800328_602580569796005_1679373542_n 1898267_700534233330007_1188542763_n

29/4 TEK-ONE, Tyler Mae at Stereo

29/4 Bleech, District 55 at Tut’s

29/4 Magnum at The Garage

29/4 The Swellers at Audio

30/4 Krista Detor at The Admiral

30/4 Seavaigers at The Arches

30/4 Church Misery, Atragon, Skeleton Gong at Ivory Blacks


1/5 Snarky Puppy at ABC

1/5 Wolf Alice, Superfood at Tut’s

1/5 Copper Lungs, We Were Hunted at Sleazy’s

1/5 Dan Stuart, Kathleen Haskard at The Glad Cafe

1/5 LOCK UP, Co Exist at Audio

1/5 UK Subs at Ivory Blacks

560799_452596768184030_780334371_n unnamed

2/5 Andrew Strong at ABC

2/5 Umberto, Ubre Blanca at Sleazy’s

2/5 Dan Reed, Purple Valentino at The Ferry

2/5 Martin Stephenson & The Daintees at Oran Mor

2/5 Amber Run at Tut’s

2/5 Russian Ninjas at Broadcast

2/5 The Mosa Funk Club, Alkotron, Our Lucid Reality at Pivo

2-3/5 Britpop Weekender at The Record Factory

2/5 A Storm Of Light, H A R K, Mustard Gas And Roses at Audio


3/5 De La Soul at The Arches

3-4/5 Electric Frog and Pressure present Riverside Festival at Riverside Museum

3/5 The Old Dance School at Oran Mor

3/5 The Hazy Shades (EP Launch) at Broadcast

3/5 The Black Charge, No Fxd Abode, Madison at Pivo

3/5 Gregory Porter at ABC


4/5 Stag And Dagger

4/5 Solomum at The Arches

4/5 Bad Rabbits at Tut’s

4/5 Bombskare, Esperanza, The Skarsoles at The Ferry

4/5 Joe Brown at The Royal Concert Hall

4/5 Casino City, Twisted Melons, We Found Out at Pivo

4/5 Knotslip at Audio

4/5 Anaal Nathrakh at Audio

5/5 Big Daddy Kane, Soundsci, Mixking DJs at ABC

5/5 Tuff Love (EP Launch), Trash Kit, Josie Long vs Pictish Trail (DJ Set) at The Old Hairdressers

5/5 Malignancy at Audio

6/5 Pregnant at The Glad Cafe

6/5 We Were Evergreen at Tut’s

6/5 Solids at Mono

7/5 Dum Dum Girls, Crocodiles at SWG3

7/5 Barrence Whitfield & The Savages at Broadcast

7/5 Clutch at ABC

7/5 A Band Called Quinn at CCA

7/5 Panic! At The Disco at Academy

8/5 Clean Bandit, Kidnap Kids, Javeon at ABC

8/5 A Band Called Quinn at CCA

9/5 Brian Kennedy at Oran Mor

9/5 Professor Green at Academy

9/5 The Sonics at The Arches

9/5 Polly and the Billets Doux, David Murdoch, Angus Munro at Tut’s

9/5 The Wynntown Marshals at Stereo

9/5 Discharge at Ivory Blacks

10/5 Tori Amos at Academy

10/5 Michael Franti & Spearhead at Oran Mor

10/5 Jimi Goodwin at Tut’s

10/5 Prehistoric Friends (single launch) at The Old Hairdressers

10/5 Yusaf Azak at The Roxy 171

10/5 Rob Gee at Audio

10/5 This Feeling at The Record Factory

10/5 The Wonder Years, A Loss Of Words, State Champs at QMU

11/5 Drive-By Truckers at ABC

11/5 Don Williams at Royal Concert Hall

11/5 Teleman at Tut’s

11/5 Bodyjar at Audio

11/5 Augusta Fireball, Diamond Mindworks, Debrasco, The Feuds at Pivo

12/5 Delays at ABC

12/5 Taake, Aeternus at Ivory Blacks


13/5 Real Friends, Modern Baseball, You Blew It! at Audio

13/5 The Seekers at Royal Concert Hall

13/5 Bo Ningen, The Scenes, Younghusband at Tut’s

14/5 The Seekers at Royal Concert Hall

14/5 TJ at Tut’s

14/5 InMe, The Red Paintings, Oxygen Thief at Audio

15/5 Hank Wangford and the Lost Cowboys at ABC

15/5 The McBusted Tour with McFly, Busted at The Hydro


16/5 St Vincent at ABC

16/5 Embrace at Academy

16/5 Hiss Golden Messenger at Sleazy’s

16/5 I Am The Avalance, Turnover, Major League at Audio

16/5 The McBusted Tour with McFly, Busted at The Hydro

16/5 Michael Bolton at The Royal Concert Hall

16/5 The Craig Charles Funk & Soul Club at ABC (club)

17/5 Katy Perry, Icona Pop at Hydro

17/5 Aidan Moffat at The Barrowlands

17/5 Jason Isbell & The 400 Unit at Oran Mor

17/5 Trust at Broadcast

17/5 Rend Collective Experiment at ABC

17/5 Pentatonix at The Garage

17/5 Red City Radio, Perdition at Audio

18/5 Katy Perry, Icona Pop at Hydro

18/5 S. Carey at CCA

18/5 Fish at ABC

19/5 Neutral Milk Hotel at The Barrowlands

19/5 Graham Gouldman at Oran Mor

19/5 La Dispute, O’Brother at Tut’s

19/5 Eden’s Curse, Stormzone, Estrella at Ivory Blacks

20/5 Nine Inch Nails, Cold Cave at The Hydro

20/5 Paul Brady at Oran Mor

20/5 Mac Demarco at Mono

20/5 AJ Roach and Nels Andrews at the Admiral

20/5 Decade, Only Rivals, Brawlers at Tut’s

20/5 Little Mix at Clyde Auditorium

21/5 Paul Heaton, Jacqui Abbott at ABC

21/5 Mutual Benefit at Mono

21/5 Little Mix at Clyde Auditorium

22/5 An Evening with Eliza Gilkyson at St Andrew’s in the Square

22/5 Paul Brady at Oran Mor

22/5 Melt-Banana at Mono

22/5 Caveman at Broadcast

22/5 Virgil & The Accelerators at Audio

23/5 Mad Professor & the Ariwa Posse, Jess Royal at ABC

23/5 The Rezilos at Oran Mor

23/5 Cloud Nothings at Stereo

23/5 Hospitality at Broadcast

23/5 The Sunshine Underground at The Classic Grand

23/5 Mario Basanov at Saint Judes (club)

24/5 Swans, Jenny Hval at The Arches

24-25/5 Radio 1 Big Weekend at Glasgow Green

24/5 Over The Wall at Oran Mor

24/5 Ian Prowse and Amsterdam at Sleazy’s

24/5 Fishbone at Audio

24/5 Wednesday 13 at Stereo

26/5 Real Estate at The Classic Grand

27/5 Chameleons Vox at Broadcast

28/5 Schoolboy Q at The Arches

28/5 Chain and the Gang at Broadcast

28/5 Soft Metals, JD Twitch at Sleazy’s

29/5 Emily Scott at The Glad Cafe

29/5 Freeze The Atlantic, Layers, The Fire and I, Cactus & Cardigan at Sleazy’s

29/5 Thumpers at Tut’s

30/5 The Upload Tour 3 with Emma Blackbery, BriBry, Dave Giles, Luke Cutford at ABC

30/5 The Rutles at ABC

30/5 Albert Hammond at Oran Mor

31/5 Camera Obscura at ABC

31/5 Holy Pistol Club, The Hummingbirds at Tut’s

31/5 The Orb at Audio

1/6 New Kids On The Block at Clyde Auditorium

2/6 Loop, Godflesh at SWG3

3/6 Son Lux at Broadcast

4/6 Girl Band at Bloc


5/6 Howling Bells at Tut’s

7/6 An Evening with Dougie MacLean at The Royal Concert Hall

7/6 Steve Ignorant’s Slice of Life at Stereo

7/6 This Feeling at The Record Factory

9/6 Angel Olsen at Mono

12/5 Beerjacket at Tut’s

14/6 Television at ABC

16/6 Aries Spears at Oran Mor

17/6 Winger at ABC

18/6 Incantation at Audio

19/6 George Benson at The Royal Concert Hall

20/6 Kings of Leon at The Hydro

20/6 The Delines at Oran Mor

21/6 Parquet Courts at SWG3

21/6 The Stripped Sessions with Carol Laula at The Old Hairdressers

23/6 Jurassic 5 at ABC

26/6 Robbie Williams at The Hydro

27/6 Heaven & Earth, M.ILL.ION at ABC

27/6 Robbie Williams at The Hydro

29/6 West End Festival All Dayer with The Vaselines, Laura St Jude at Oran Mor

4/7 Cry Parrot presents Rashad Becker at Sleazy’s

5/7 Extreme – Pornograffiti Live Tour at Academy

5/7 Only Crime Sign at Audio

7/7 The Sisters of Mercy at ABC

8/7 Daryl Hall & John Oates at The Royal Concert Hall

12/7 Ben Folds at The Royal Concert Hall

17/7 Onslaught at ABC

18/7 The Afghan Whigs at Oran Mor

19/7 Sugar Hill Gang at Tut’s

19/7 Phosphorescent at The Classic Grand

20/7 Mike Dignam at Broadcast

24/7 Citizen, Diamond Youth, Headroom at Audio

28/7 Ryan McGarvey Band at Audio

1/8 PRSF New Music Biennial Show with Lau at The Royal Concert Hall

2/8 Moderat at The Arches

5/8 Converge at The Classic Grand

14/8 Poison Idea at Audio

21/8 The Old Firm Casuals, Control, Running Riot at Audio

27/8 Morded, Furyon at ABC

31/8 Pink Mountaintops at Broadcast

5/9 Bizarre Ride II The Pharcyde, Mixking DJs at ABC

5/9 Shit Robot at The Berkeley Suite

13/9 Lisa Stansfield at Academy

16/9 Rachel Newton at The Glad Cafe

19/9 Nathan Carter at The Royal Concert Hall

20/9 Ben Montague at Tut’s

24/9 Vance Joy at Tut’s

28/9 Evile at Audio

2/10 Manchester Orchestra at ABC

3/10 Andrew Roachford at Oran Mor

14/10 Tony Hadley at The Royal Concert Hall

15/10 Elaine Paige at The Royal Concert Hall

17/10 Anti-Nowhere League at Ivory Blacks

18/10 Quadrophenia Night with The Atlantics, DJ Drew Stanstall at ABC

18/10 Sahbrock VII at Ivory Blacks

18/10 Peter Andre at Clyde Auditorium

18/10 Level 42 at ABC

22/10 Il Divo at The Hydro

24/10 Caro Emerald at The Hydro

26/10 Paul Potts at The Royal Concert Hall

4/11 Deathstars at Cathouse

6/11 The Specials at The Barrowlands

11/11 Bellowhead at The Royal Concert Hall

17/11 Pop Punks Not Dead with New Found Glory, the Story So Far, Candy Hearts, Only Rivals at ABC

20/11 Cockney Rejects at Ivory Blacks

22/11 Dan Baird at ABC

2/12 Alfie Boe at The Hydro

3/12 Human League at Royal Concert Hall

4/12 Graha, Bonnet at ABC

Think I’ve missed anything, got anything wrong or have artwork for any of the listed shows drop me an email at ravechildglasgow@gmail.com

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