Record review: Junebug – ‘You & I’

Originally hailing from Aberdeen, this four piece list their influences as The Stereophonics and Blondie and boy does it show!

Now split between Edinburgh and Glasgow Junebug’s new single is set to create big waves in the local music scenes hopefully washing over a whole new legion of fans.

Following on from their debut EP, The Chase, released last November, and the single ‘The Hoops’, which was released in September and contrary to what the title suggests was not a song about spaghetti or Celtic Football Club, this new single ‘You & I’ is accompanied by a fantastic new video from the band.

And crash, bang, wallop what a video it is!

Having hibernated all winter, this song is the perfect seed to plant in your ears for the upcoming spring.

The song floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee, just like the boxers in the video and the emotional sting of the relationship captured in celluloid sadness throughout.

The boys in The Junebug have really done it again, and hopefully this video will see them capture the hearts and minds and ears and eyes and dancing feet of everyone who crosses their path.

The song is catchy and perfectly constructed, expressing a kind of joyful music you never thought could be expressed so well, and leaves the ears greedy for more.

Words: Dale Nixon


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