Record review: The Pseudos – Indulgence

artworks-000065385260-465b8x-t500x500Fresh off a headline performance at Tut’s last month The Pseudos are on the rise and with their debut EP, Indulgence, they show us exactly why.

The Ayr four-piece bring us a unique brand of indie influenced by British punk rock of the past, throughout the EP the influences of bands such as The Clash and The Stranglers shine through.

It quickly becomes apparent that band are not lacking in a strong rhythm section, from opening track ‘Circles’ to closer ‘Indulgence’ we hear the driving bass lines and powerful tone of bass player Lewis Cunningham and the complex yet musical drum parts of Alex Baldwin really drive the songs forward.

Singer Jake Mackie and guitarist Neil Hayton provide us with a barrage of catchy melodic riffs and vocal lines to accompany the bands driving rhythm section.

Across the EP tracks such as ‘Ego Tripping’ and ‘Jet Black Stare’ leave us with catchy riffs and memorable choruses we can’t get out our heads.

A very impressive debut from what appears to be a very promising band.

Words: Iain Gillon


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