Live review: Tijuana Bibles at Tut’s, 15/2/14

tijuanabibles_tuts4Tut’s is rammed for Tijuana Bibles headline slot, ticket holders from January’s New Years Revolution show, which was cut short by PA problems, were tonight admitted for free, but you get the feeling the place would be full anyway.

A motley bunch with some impressive beards and a good helping of swagger, the four-piece are clearly feeding on the energy of the room.

Confident from the outset, they play each song as if they’re playing a hit, ‘Last Of The Go Getters’ packs a punch and demonstrates their knowledge of dirty rock tropes, they know when to let a guitar squeal, sharing their gene pool with The Jesus & Mary Chain and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.

A roadie is primed to catch Tony Costello’s discarded flying jacket and the singer is deeply in touch with his inner Jim Morrison, wielding a convincing tambourine.

The pace is relentless, the bass assault heavy, and the songs consistent, but they’re not quite as raw and dangerous as they might be: ‘Howlin’ Moon’ is super confident if relatively unoriginal in form, a new song chases the ghosts of Echo & The Bunnymen’s bright guitar sound and suggests that this growing confidence needs to be extended into finding a unique personality for the band.

If the rest of the band can match drummer Mikey Dornan’s ability to get into the zone – “we gotta lose it at lightening speed” as one of their lyrics suggests –  they might really start to matter.

‘Wild River’, all wailing chorus, nasty riffs and bouncing floor is a clear favourite with the crowd, they carry on singing it even after they band have left the stage.

If they can dodge the clichés (or at least chose the right ones) and don’t get complacent, Tijuana Bibles appear to have the chops to move on to the next level.

More photos

Words: Lucy Brouwer
Photos: Michael Gallacher


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