Record review: Vagabond Poets – ‘Icarus’

FB-ADListening to Miles Davis when I remembered a review needed done.

50s jazz club, rain lashing down on wintery windows reconciles seamlessly to classic Americana-from Cumbernauld, as it turns out.

‘Icarus’, new single by Vagabond Poets, calls to mind the swirling, mid-afternoon dust by the railroad tracks in an old-west, ramshackle happenstance of a community.

“Try to hold the flame I am so tempted by/ nothing makes me fell more alive.”

“As I took flight across a sea of faces/this dream of Icarus-you’re flying too high.”

These are the lyrics, this is the style, of people who know exactly what they’re doing, while experimenting with it even in the confines of a three-and-a-half-minute-song: their debut single.

Can’t wait to hear more.

Vagabond Poets play a Rave Child hosted event at Broadcast on February 26, with The Streams and The Van T’s

Words: Simon Jones


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