Record review: Billy Ray Osiris – Tentacles of Doom [Good Grief]

a1389136500_10Beginning with ‘Kicking’ the distortion is unidentifiable as any one instrument – like a storm of sound approach, there is a nice air of suspense to this opening track, it leads on to produce a very well structured, very brave climax.

Billy Rae Osiris is certainly pushing the boundaries on dissonance but still able to convince the listener that they have talent.

It is not easy to use distortion well and timing is everything, it is almost more important to get the clashes correct otherwise they are lost in a myriad of noise.

‘Shut Your Eyes’ follows in a similar style, but focuses on a more definite beat, a nice triplet rhythm features throughout, like a wicked medieval dance, progressively getting more rowdy and intense as the song progresses.

A really nice use of pace is incorporated toward the end and helps add variety to the unchanged melody.

Finally ‘Screaming’ ties off this EP, it begins with a piercing shrill, undoubtedly a reference to the title.

Similar to the first track, it does not start off with much of a beat, instead lengthy distortion accompany what sounds like a distant screaming vocal.

This one has very little direction, unlike the previous, and possibly would have featured better as the middle track.

Definitely an original take on musicality and it would be interesting to learn more about the story behind the EP, if there is one.

Words: Rachel Cunningham


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