Record review: Sloth Metropolis – ‘Attack’

Attack!New ‘mega-single’ ‘Attack’ from Sloth Metropolis is a brilliant and energetic modern day folk tale.

As its progressive rock genre would suggest; what we’re looking at is an exciting take on classic folk music, a must listen for those of us who are day dreamers.

The words – aka the story – were written by vocalist Calum Calderwood and are split into three segments.

‘Tarasque’ is the first part to the tale, which is accompanied by a very mellow and slow instrumental introduction that then builds onto abrupt rhythmic shifts.

This is all very suitable for our man here in the story, as things aren’t going too well for him – poor soul.

The gradual pick up of speed sets the tone for the song as it begins to take on the story with a huge psychedelic grin on its face.

It then leads on to the almost lackadaisical ‘Decisions’ section where we find the pace of the song has slowed down with a repetitive beat in the background, this is the bed for the warm voice we hear that conveys our man’s (interesting?) thoughts.

Does the fact this section is short mean our man makes rash decisions?
For some, the bellowing announcement of “FIIIIIIIIGHT!!!”  at the end of that section will confirm that.

The unusual time signatures are exactly why this song is certainly not for people looking for a comfortable little folk song, what we have is the rebellious teenage brother of a classic folk tale – wholesome, unpredictable and completely wonderful.

The final part of the tale is the ‘Fight Scene’ filled with electric sounds and relaxed beat, it’s almost funky as a continuous stream of this mellow sound holds hands with the vocals.

When the story ends you find yourself listening to the ‘mega-single’ multiple times, allowing you to soak up the unusual modern day tale and relax with the beats and riffs that go along with it.

Words: Natacha Woods


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