Record review: The Paraffins – Subhuman [Ear Spook]

a0686843697_10This eight-track EP shows just exactly what you can do with different sorts of instruments and spectacular vocals.

The band is no stranger to making music as they have been about since 2007 with their wacky collaborations of different instruments with the added bonus of enchanting but raspy vocals.

First track ‘Afraid of the Everyday’ combines the enchanting vocals with a slight country tone.

These guys have their own unique sound that is different to anything on the Scottish music scene at the moment.

‘Underground Trains’ has a disco element to it and it’s a track you could quite easily get up and dance to.

There are a lot of haunting tracks like ‘Orchestrations’ and ‘Hippopotamized’,  which fit perfectly within the EP giving the fans a little of what they love about the band, but with a twist that keeps them intrigued.

‘Band of Snow’ takes a whole new turn again with a blues element to it.

It is completely different to the rest of the songs but still keeps the distinctive sound that only The Paraffins can bring.

All in all, a really good mellow soundtrack for your night and something you will go back and listen to over and over again.

Words: Lorraine Dimmock


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