Live review: New Year’s Revolution with The Dead Raven, Kirsten Adamson at King Tut’s, 12/1/14

kisten_adamson_deadraven 18Kirsten Adamson – whose musical trajectory was almost inevitable given her lineage (she is daughter of Big Country’s Stuart Adamson) – brings a little glamour to the scuzzy blues milieu of Tut’s tonight.

This is apparently the first gig with this band and she opens with some melodic 1980s vibes that have us wondering if we’ve been dropped into a John Hughes movie.

Is something momentous about to happen? Is a teenager in a big overcoat about to punch the air?  Are we at The Prom?

Her upbeat pop is delivered with confidence if not quite charisma – but there is time for that and she may yet outrun her influences – particularly on a track that sounds like ‘Wuthering Heights’ era Kate Bush (excuse the lazy reference but that is what it sounded like) singing over a synthesised sitar.

She’s a rare but welcome feminine presence in the local line up of this month’s New Years Revolution season of up and comers, and hopefully she will spread her net wider to develop her own style.

The Dead Raven is a two-piece hammering out heavy blues that is as much Black Sabbath as it is Black Keys.

There is a decent turn out for a Sunday night in the depths of January and the audience seems to be digging the band’s rather limited pallet.

Just as the place is hoting up in anticipation of Tijuana Bibles, it is announced that the PA has broken down and they may not appear for a further half hour.

With late trains to catch and work for most in the morning, the majority of the audience disperses without discovering if the band’s name will deliver the noir-ish blues it promises.

Tonight’s tickets will be valid for their next Tut’s show.

more photos

Words: Lucy Brouwer
Photos: Michael Gallacher


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