Record review: Proud Honey – ‘Miss Understood’

avatars-000036393536-6t5va2-t500x500With a series of successful shows around the city, Glaswegian four-piece Proud Honey seek to smash the indie-folk consensus with a rumbling blast of rock ‘n’ roll reminiscent of a Caledonian Foo Fighters.

Unfortunately Scotland already has a Caledonian Foo Fighters; they’re called Biffy Clyro and they at least had the goodness to pay their dues with three albums of awkward post-hardcore and winding, experimental alt-rock before settling for stadium-selling ubiquity.

Clearly Proud Honey have decided that such a learning curve is unnecessary, instead shooting straight for the big time with their new single ‘Miss Understood’

Claiming to draw influences from the lumbering behemoths of British rock music, The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin and The Stone Roses, is either a sign of unwavering ambition or cruelly limited horizons.

In the case of Proud Honey it seems more like the latter.

The guitar solo builds a nice squall and there are hints of The Libertines’ scrappy signature tune ‘Can’t Stand Me Now’ in the bouncy intro but it’s all in service of a strain of British luddite rock that’s been echoing out of King Tut’s for at least a decade and half.

The chorus is undemanding stuff, almost immediately giving way to sing-along “whoah oh-oh”s but if you’ve any interest in music that challenges you to look beyond your immediate horizons you’ll probably already be looking elsewhere.

The challenge for Proud Honey is to prove me wrong, and we hope they can but more of the same just isn’t going to cut it.

Words: Max Sefton


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