Record review: Super Adventure Club – Straight From The Dick [Armellodie]

a3057177200_10Originally hailing from Glasgow, Super Adventure Club is certainly an adventure for the ears and the mind.

Confusingly describing themselves as “spazzy pop rock” they’re are a difficult animal to tag, with so much going on at once, this Dillinger Escape Pan-aping four-piece sometimes sound like there’s nine or ten members playing four songs at once.

But somehow it all works, and when the pop choruses hit – reminding this reviewer of the highs of Twin Atlantic or even Miniature Dinosaurs – you could even imagine this album getting Radio 1 hot and bothered.

With dual vocals fighting over tracks like ‘Dog With Two Dicks’ and ‘Fuck The Pope’ the album can be a disorienting but exhilarating listen.

With difficult time signatures galore, this band’s mathematical blueprint will reinvent the wheel for future Scottish music vehicles, speeding past the other lesser bands in the scene/autobahn.

The standout track here closer ‘Bossa Novice’, anchoring the album with its five-minute exercise in aggro-pop, the listener’s ears are given a full-workout, until they’re left sweaty, throbbing and all the more muscular.

If there’s any justice this band will be touring throughout the UK and Europe throughout 2014.

Straight From The Dick shoots straight from the hip, and hits every single target.

Words: Dale Nixon


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