Record review: All She Knows – ‘Why Do I Fall’

avatars-000037169752-4p6lhu-cropWith not one, but two UK tours already under their belt, Glasgow band All She Knows have taken the synthpop rock scene by storm.

For a band that have been together for less than two years, they’ve managed to play in some pretty impressive venues, such as the Academy main stage and London Arena.

Their new single ‘Why Do I Fall’ is the perfect example of why they’ve gotten so far in such a short time.

The start of the song will have you confused for a few seconds, it sounds more like elevator music than a track from an up and coming pop rock band, but as soon as it kicks in, you’re left with a smile on your face.

The chorus is the weakest part of the song, the constant use of the “ohwhoah” just seems like it’s there to fill up some track time, but the rest of the song is flawless.

The future looks bright for this Glasgow band if they continue down this path.

Words: Lauren Greig


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