Live review: Tiesto, Calvin Harris at The Hydro, 22/12/13

CALVIN-HARRIS-BWTonight, Glasgow is the centre of all things dance, techno, trance and house, more specifically the new member of the family: The Hydro and for my first time there, I was very impressed with the overall experience.

From the modern architecture to location and even the seating section, it all becomes a great package for a gig of this magnitude.

With the setlist a mouth-watering prospect for all those attending, it is no secret that the majority of the crowd are there for the homecoming of hero Calvin Harris.

With GTA and Pete Tong both on before him the crowd are appropriately pumped up for the main attraction and are buzzing for the first drops of bass from the magic of Harris.

Finally, the man himself walks on stage and from the word go, gives us what all here tonight Glaswegians want: the classics, big tunes and an excuse to go crazy.

‘Spectrum’ is the first anthem to be unleashed, which leads into his collaboration with Example: ‘We’ll Be Coming Back’.

Mixed in with amazing acapella, bass and thrilling light show, Harris plays tracks such as ‘Drinking from the Bottle’, ‘Ready for the Weekend’, ‘Bounce’, ‘Never Be Alone’ and ‘We Found Love’, however, the best is saved for last when the synth beat for ‘Your Not Alone’ comes on and the frenzy doesn’t stop until he walks of stage.

Along with that he includes a mix of Lana Del Ray’s ‘Summertime Sadness’ and The Killers’ ‘When You Were Young’ and both work really well.

Numbers seemed to dwindle, particularly in the standing section before Tiesto, possibly a mix on confusion as well as people eager to see Nicky Romero at The Arches later this evening but for anyone who does miss Tiesto, well, I feel sorry for them.

They missed out big time as the DJ legend provides a master class in both modern day house and beloved 90’s trance.

The reduced crowd size gives everyone a little more freedom to move, and it is taken advantage of as everyone goes bezerk for the drum and bass in Tiesto’s set.

After his own twist on a Coldplay number and Dizee Rascal’s ‘Bonkers’, the crowd are treated to classics such as ‘Sirens’ and ‘Adagio for Strings’ before finishing with ‘Atom’.

Overall, the night could not have gone any better, the crowd are sent home happy as well as tired from all the hand and finger pointing dance moves, there are worse ways to get the holiday season started.

Words: Stephen Robertson


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