Record review: Woven Tents – Leave Your Monsters At Home

Woven TentsWoven Tents have a bizarre sound, their recent EP, Leave Your Monsters At Home, opens with an amalgamation of noise, tapping and squeaking in a unique fusion of electronic and psychedelic music.

Opening track ‘Kids in the Park’ is instantly enticing, with experimental sounds and smoothing guitar to accent.

The use of reverb during production gives the track a vintage sound; it’s spacious although they fill that space with constant streams of noise.

The vocals become lost in a mass of instrumental disarray, giving the track a gritty edge and almost militant sound.

‘Neighbourhood Mantra’ pushes the boundaries of experimental and creates a sense of floating in space, totally oblivious to the real world.

The keyboard effects swirl around the track, creating a mellow sense of mind relaxation before the track descends into frantic keyboard effects, which chaotically lift the track into madness.

Woven Tents channel a slight element of The Doors in ‘Sun’, with their keyboard sound, while classical piano has been combined with off beat drums in title track, which then changes direction completely, to sonically capture a street party atmosphere.

Woven Tents are certainly unique with their creation of music, perhaps too unique to be welcomed into popular music culture though.

Words: Kimi Inglis


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