Record review: Stuntman Mike – ‘Promise’

artworks-000064540804-6d209s-t500x500Recently gaining a lot of popularity in Glasgow from their previous release ‘Triangles’, rockers Stuntman Mike have come with another track to promote the new album, also named Triangles.

‘Promise’ begins with an intro similar to what you may hear on a Muse album track or even something slightly heavier.

A steady pace throughout, with a greater build-up in the bridges of the song, the track musically is solid.

As a first time listener, when the vocals hit, you may be taken a back as you hear a soft rock almost 80’s classic rock voice, however it can be argued that this isn’t a great marriage as the vocals detract from the powerful beginning and classic guitar riffs during the chorus, despite this, you can definitely see the appeal of the band and song for genre devotees.

Although maybe not completely original or ground breaking, Stuntman Mike has a strong local following and have been recognised for having a great live performance, when ‘Promise’ is played live it’s sure to lift the noise in the crowd with its catchy, easy to sing and shout too chorus.

All in all ‘Promise’ is a nice addition to the Glasgow rock scene and will attract the attention of rockers young and old in the smaller venues of Glasgow.

Words: Stephen Robertson


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