Record review: Diamond Mindworks – Lost in the Light

avatars-000058263740-he9u42-t500x500Distant birdsong, the tuning of a radio and the slamming of a car door; it’s hardly an original way to start a record but it’s an effective way to set the mood on an EP that’s all about running away.

Diamond Mindworks are a Glaswegian five-piece formed in 2012 and Lost in the Light is their debut EP, their trio of guitars lends a well-rounded sound but on opener ‘Run, Let Go’ the lo-fi edge to the music clashes slightly with the poppy vocal melodies.

Better is the yearning, widescreen ‘Far Away’ which adds acoustic guitar and a few Celtic touches to evoke Idlewild on a highland drive.

Lyrically the wannabe Foo Fighters of ‘Come Alive’ is a little hackneyed but it’s lifted by a melodic final solo that aims right for the horizon.

Ross Bingham’s lyrics are relatively shallow but the band mine good material out of lines like: “just been sitting round waiting for my spark to ignite”, particularly with the chugging Interpol bass and piano flourishes of the title track ‘Lost in the Light’

Furnishing the EP with brief instrumental interludes and a minor key fadeout called ‘Echoes’ is conceptually more ambitious than your average indie band, something that clashes oddly with the straight-up music contained within.

Perhaps future releases will see Diamond Mindworks push themselves in some more idiosyncratic directions but for now Lost in the Light is a solid debut release.

Words: Max Sefton


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