Live review: The Family Rain at Tut’s, 17/11/13

Family1Nonchalant and hard worker, The Family Rain hits the famous Glaswegian venue tonight, while the blizzard blasts the city with a grace that only cities up north can understand.

If you are wondering who the hell this band is, well it is an original family story, the Walter brothers were brought up near Bath were they cherished and maintained a certain common love for music.

Sharing the same room for years, William, Ollie and Timothy regrouped and released their debut single ‘Trust Me I’m a Genius’ almost a year ago.

The “bro”- band is not unfamiliar with the spotlight since they have supported The Courteeners, Miles Kane and recently young rock star Jake Bugg on his last UK tour.

Slowly but surely, The Family Rain paved their way up to the top with a glistening resume.


After the first track, the audience is already conquered, people are buzzing and when the lead singer asks everyone to gather closer to the stage, the crowd complies, getting really intimate with the band.

The three brothers are here tonight to commute and even without an album out yet, they go through a lot of material, from ‘Reasons To Die’ to ‘Trust Me I’m a Genius’ to ‘Friction’, everything is performed with the same ecstatic enthusiasm.

Their sound is heavier than one could have thought, digging in the dirt left by the punk rock the three brothers show some interesting musical skills and their total commitment expose them as a well-oiled machine.

And boys will be boys, indeed, as the lead singer/ bassist spends quite a while in the crowd while playing, the guitarist and drummer keep goofing around on the left side of the stage like a bunch of kids with a musical chemistry.

The laughs do not stop here however, the brothers take pleasure in messing around with each other and at the end of the show, eager to play more, the band announces that if the crowd cheers they will play the encore now and not wait to leave the stage and come back to play more tracks.

Pleased by this non-sense, the band plays a unique track and while the last riff resonates, the band finally wanders off stage, creating a certain anticipation for February and the release of their debut album.

more photos

Words: Jeremy Veyret
Photos: Kate Sam


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