Live review: Scorpion Child, Semper Fi at Audio, 17/11/13

Scorpian2Scorpion Child head up to Scotland after touring Europe with US doom-rock newcomers Orchid and the magnificent Blues Pills.

The latter were meant to play tonight as well, forming a perfect match to the straightforward Led Zep hard rock of headliner Scorpion Child, with their more melancholy and psychedelic sound, however, the Franco-American-Swedish quartet had to cancel tonight’s gig, apparently with regard to their Australia tour only a couple of days away.

Hence, with only one local support act the billing strikes me as a little too short and underwhelming for the £10 on the door.

Semper Fi, from Glasgow, do their best to warm-up the crowd, with their djent-infused heavy rock, as a matter of fact I’m at a loss trying to define their genre, sporting three guitars, drop-tuned djent- or modern metal riffs, numerous weird acoustic intermezzi in odd time signatures and a fairly generic rock singer on top of that Semper Fi sure are somewhat individual in what they are doing.

The crowd rewards them with a very warm welcome and you can feel that it’s a home game for them, after an energy-laden half hour they leave the audience in adequate spirits for the headline act.


Scorpion Child, all the way from Austin, Texas are one of those new bands that simply embody the spirit of the music that brought us all to heavy guitars in the first place.

Bands like Orchid, Graveyard or Canada’s Blood Ceremony all pull off the Sabbath/Led Zep flares, cowboy boots or handlebar mustaches perfectly, Scorpion Child are no exception to that and enter the stage in afore mentioned dresscode.

From the first bars onwards the music provides the perfect company for the look, singer Aryn’s Jimmy Page like screams fill the venue and the power of two Gibson’s played through Orange stacks blows the first row away.

The video single ‘Polygon of Eyes’ provides the first sing-along of the night and shows the insane potential of this band.

Over the course of the next hour we see and hear a journey through psychedelic space rock, laid back bluesier stuff (‘Liquor’) and heavy tracks in the vein of Led Zeppelin, Cream or Hendrix.

Not all the tracks are as brilliant as ‘Polygon of Eyes’, but overall Scorpion Child showcase a very high standard of songwriting.

With Blues Pills as support this would have been a night to remember for everyone, with just Scorpion Child it is still a highly enjoyable rock ’n’ roll show that is all too short.

more photos

Words: Ansgar Hastenpflug
Photos: Celia Verela Sixto


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