Live Review: Mallory Knox, Blitz Kids, Crooks at The Garage, 12/11/13

malloryknox_thegarage_iainscott_1As the lights dimmed in The Garage Crooks take the stage, as the heavy instrumental kicks in the night starts; they are very energetic, which eventually rubs off on the crowd and gets them warmed up.

As soon as Blitz Kids walk onstage the energy in the crowd picks up, as the majority of the crowd seem to know their lyrics it isn’t hard to see why they got a better reaction.

The lead singer, Joe James, has great stage presence, managing to move around the stage while devoting time to speaking with the crowd.

Apart from coming up to watch the other bands and play, they spent most of the night in the merch area talking to fans.

As soon as the lights dim for Mallory Knox to enter the crowd really come alive, the screams are almost deafening as the boys take their places on stage and fire into opener ‘Hello’.

Apart from playing a very well performed set, lead singer Mikey Chapman is great at getting the crowd involved in the songs, giving them the opportunity to sing the words back to the band, which makes the crowd that much more excited to be there.

Chapman manages to make leaping about the stage while singing a 14-song set look effortless.

Though things did get off to a slow start, this is definitely a night to remember.

More photos

Words: Lauren Greig
Photos: Iain Scott


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