Live review: Cassie Ramone, O.J. Xray Eyeballs, Sacred Paws at The Old Hairdressers, 12/11/13

Neue-Split-7-mit-Cassie-Ramone-Vivian-Girls-und-Xray-Eyeballs-iamnosupermanThere’s a bit of a buzz about this one, this is Brooklyn’s Cassie Ramone’s first solo visit to Glasgow, and the Vivian Girls’ chief songwriter and member of The Babies has no shortage of eager followers looking to find out what she can deliver solo.

First though there’s a turn for Glasgow/London duo Sacred Paws to play their first show in ages, quite why they haven’t played in so long could have many reasons but it’s surely not down to people asking, as these girls are always full of energy and upbeat angular tracks.

Tonight is no different as they power through some foot tapping numbers that combine some math-y riffs and afrobeat guitar work from Rachel Aggs with some delightful harmonies, between her and drummer Eilidh Rodgers, that wouldn’t be out of place in the best indie pop acts.

A broken string gives the two Golden Grrrls members, who evidently haven’t seen each other in a while, chance to catch up and leaves the audience members who weren’t quite listening in a state of confusion, but after the restart they pull out another couple of catchy rhythm filled numbers that open the night nicely.

Next up is O.J. of Xray Eyeballs, who is promoting his split 7” with Cassie Ramone, set up on top the temporary stage guitar in hand he proceeds to produce his underground indie noise sound though a series of effects.

His live show is frantic, it’s shambolic yet addictive, as his fuzzy garage pop washes over the crowd only his shout of “CASSIE RAMONE!” causes a rise but that’s not to say people aren’t impressed.

It’s no surprise that Cassie Ramone is headlining tonight, it’s hard to find someone that’s heard the output of her previous acts and not loved it; tonight as she takes her seat on stage she seems effortlessly cool and as she states she’d be more comfortable if people came forward and sat down, a couple of songs in, the entire room takes note and does so.

It’s a charming set of chilled out pop with Ramone coming across more relaxed than you’d expect from a solo set, allowing her voice and song writing to take the front.

It’s an escape from her full band material, much more downbeat and striped back, but she’s adding another string to her bow and it’s working as everyone sits encapsulated from start to finish.

Words: Iain Dawson


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