Record Review: Electric Alice – The Electric Alice Xperiment [Dogs Got A Bone]

a4259159917_10Falkirk certainly delivered when garage punks Electric Alice trashed their way into music, the four-piece, Wallace Pate (vocals/guitar), Jack Moran (guitar), Phil Allen (bass) and Alex Abate (drums), have created a poignant, snarling EP in The Electric Alice Xperiment.

Electric Alice may have split due to their differences, but their music is very much alive and kicking powerfully, pulsing with ambition, ‘Coffin Joe’ has biting aggression induced by the crunching chord progression; the track is buzzing with anxious energy, the anger in the vocals sending a blunt message of: “I’m dangerous, would you like to find out how dangerous”.

Tonally, the band has created a sinister, atmospheric air while telling the story of the lethally mysterious protagonist ‘Coffin Joe’, this track is a brief synopsis of a strange man who should by no means be riled.

Simplistic chord progressions are difficult to pull off, either the entire track sounds repetitive with no crescendo or modulation, or in this case it can become the embodiment of punk.

Electric Alice has perfected the art of the gritty punk chords with their thrashing guitar parts, the bass on ‘Coffin Joe’ is the driving force of the track, taking the place of a lead guitar with intricate patterns, thundering throughout the track.

‘Johnny Cash is Jesus’ is the meaty strength of the EP, without it The Electric Alice Xperiment would be lacking in musical diversity, every punk track needs a tasty little solo to break up the solid wall of power chords beating on your eardrums like an angry neighbour telling you to “Turn the music down”.

‘The Creeping Ritual’ has a horror film finesse with its ability to make the listener sufficiently uncomfortable while listening; lyrically it could be the confessions of a killer, creeping around on dark nights, waiting for a victim.

The Electric Alice Xperiment is a gut-busting EP, fuelled with aggressive playing, growling vocals and dark lyrics; not for the faint hearted, but it is definitely worth investigating.

Words: Kim Inglis


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