Record review: The Wintergreens – Winter Palace

a2718977291_10It is not every day you stumble across a band with a Diaspora of both Scottish and Icelandic roots, nor is it a regular occurrence that the said band has recorded their music in a single day, live, on a Foxtex cassette four tracker, but that is exactly what The Wintergreens have achieved on latest EP Winter Palace, well that and a whole lot of fabulous atmospheric psychedelically infused sound scapes.

The band claim to be influenced by the likes of Brian Eno and Ennio Morricone, while that maybe the case, there is certainly a shrouding of Cure-esque mystique within the segments on show within Winter Palace.

For example ‘Art Stops Here’ mediates over a dark brooding synth with melancholic guitars loosely dampening and elucidating a light texture of harmonious hopelessness akin to the fragmented vapours of sound that are found on ‘Disintegration’.

Resoundingly the most authentic feature of Winter Palace is the fact it was recorded on a Foxtex cassette, adding a delicate rawness, best found on EP stand out ‘Love is Censored’, which baits out a bleak nostalgic groan of selfless heart wrenching melodies one after the other.

Apparently these fellas are going to be awfa’ busy the next couple of months playing several shows in and around Glasgow, might want to catch one, just saying.

Words: Chris Kelman


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