Live review: Spector, Jaws, SOS at Tut’s, 11/10/13

Spector_TomOldham01It’s Friday night, don’t ever let it end are the perfect lyrics to sum up a fantastic Friday evening at Tut’s featuring London indie outfit Spector.

The night begins with a short support set from Glaswegian four-piece SOS who are the prime example of a great British guitar band with a similar sound to fellow Scottish rockers Glasvegas.

Their new track ‘Rock N Roll’ sticks out as their best work with strong Scottish vocals from singer Jonny Skinner.

Jaws, the main support for the evening, are part of the new wave of the scuzzy shoegaze sound shared with fellow Birmingham bands Peace and Swim Deep.

The band arrive on stage with a confident approach before they fluently portray tracks from their 2013 debut EP Milkshake.

‘Surround You’ is the track that catches the attention of the currently small crowd with its electronic loud intro.

With only five minutes until Spector take to the stage, the audience doubles in size as people rush upstairs from the bar as word gets around that the London outfit were en route to perform their most energy inflicted performance to date.

It’s been a year since Spector had been touring but with the confidence and charisma in the way they walk on stage, you wouldn’t have thought they had ever stopped.

2012 single ‘What You Wanted’ opens the set with lead singer Fred Macpherson jumping up and down to the beat of the drums (nearly whacking his head off the low roof on the stage) as the crowd mimic his infamous bouncing style.

Spector have always been a band who see crowd interaction as a main involvement to their set, this is shown as Macpherson sings “I could give you anything except…” then holding out his microphone to the crowd to let them scream back “what you wanted, not what you wanted!”

Spector posted new song ‘Decade Of Decay’ on YouTube so they haven’t released much material since their 2012 debut Enjoy It While It Lasts, yet they play new songs such as ‘Stay High’ and ‘Reeperbahn’, which Macpherson says will feature on their new album that they hope to release early next year.

‘Friday Night, Don’t Ever Let It End’ is the pinnacle moment of the night with guitarist Jed Cullen’s opening guitar riff being met with screams from the audience.

As the song opens, Macpherson states: “we’ve saved the best night of the week for this song Glasgow, let’s see what you’ve got!”

The night ends with two of Spector’s biggest tracks, the first being ‘Chevy Thunder’ which sums up perfectly the fact that indie bands don’t all have to be depressing.

As the upbeat song calms down when it comes to the bridge, Macpherson takes the time to go down to the barrier to greet his adoring audience as they ruffle his styled hair.

Spector’s well-known ballad ‘Never Fade Away’ is the track that ends the evening as Macpherson jokingly tells the audience “I know if I was Scottish, I would definitely vote for independence” summing up the light-hearted attitude of the band.

The band’s dynamic performance leaves the crowd more than satisfied and with a host of strong new material it is a certainty that Spector will return to Scotland sooner rather than later.

Words: Aidan McConachie

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