Record Review: Barrientos – Feel the Waves [Glasgow Underground]

GU2023-Barrientos-300x72dpiGlasgow Underground infamously performed a long-term disappearing act but when it was revived, it bounced back with a few surprises.

Apart from needing a good shave and a new haircut to get the ball rolling, the label has since brought us Barrientos – putting huge grins on Glasgow’s small but growing fan base of deep house and electric dance music.

Since joining the label the Glasgow based deep house producer formally named Ivan Hall Barrientos has created a track named ‘Feel the Waves’ which, fitting with its genre, has a soulful enigmatic feel to it.

The song itself is nothing more than a simplistic trance and takes little variation by being repetitive, which is a classic deep house characteristic.

With ease the track effortlessly fills listener’s ears with warm tones and colourful beats to create a very atmospheric song.

The monotonous lyrical voice again casts onto the blissful and cryptic entirety of the track as a whole – however differs from the mainstream tradition of the deep house genre where lyrics are excluded from most tracks adding a slight sense of individuality to the EP.

The impressive flow of the song has room for little or no disturbance to the consistency of the hypnotic spell that the track binds listeners with.

It is therefore a prevalent symptom of this track for listener’s to visit the remaining songs in the EP with dazed minds and happy ears.

Words: Natacha Woods


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