Record review: The Boston Tea Party – Too Late To Change [Holy Smokes]

a0938729724_10Could somebody please tell me what they’ve put in the water in the east of Scotland? They have been blessed with some of the most gifted blues musicians in the UK.

Up with the best of the new RnB wave, we have Dundonian four-piece The Boston Tea Party who displays their raw talent on their new single ‘Too Late To Change’.

The single shows the development in the band’s style over the last 12 months since the release of their debut self-titled EP.

The blend between each instrument demonstrates a clear bond between all members along with their love of the blues.

Drummer Bobby Anderson sets the mood for the title track with his crafted use of the cowbell, creating a feel-good factor throughout.

The strong vocals and catchy strap-line “I don’t know why but I think it’s too late to change” draws the listener in to the spirit of the song as it is evident that songwriter Sean McGouldrick captures the blues essence with his penmanship.

In every good RnB outfit, a talented bass player is essential and Dale Easson fits this category perfectly as his undertone helps the flow of the song nicely.

The B-side to the single is a honky-tonk RnB track titled ‘Worried Man’; a clear comparison to the song is the James Brown-esque feel while the opening twang of the lead guitar would impress the biggest of Rolling Stones fans.

The easygoing vocals from McGouldrick blend in effortlessly with the skilful playing of Reuben Toy’s harmonica.

There was much discussion between the band whether to make the track the A or the B-side to the single and there is no doubting why as both tracks are equally strong in their individual rights.

The Boston Tea Party’s new single has raised their bar again and it is easy to understand why they have received plaudits from chart topping artist Jake Bugg while being very well received when supporting him on his UK tour in 2012.

Words: Aidan McConachie


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