Record Review: Cabey – ‘Dr Feelgood’

dr feelgood realThe retro indie rocker scene has become very crowded of late, with acts like Jake Bugg and The Strypes gaining widespread popularity and bringing the genre to the forefront of the British music industry.

Armed with his new single ‘Dr Feelgood’ and a growing group of loyal supporters, Cabey is one of the latest artists to enter into this musical fray.

The single is catchy, upbeat, and evocative of a loud and lively summer’s day barbecue; and although its basic composition may be nothing overwhelmingly unique, the originality of the lyrics is great compensation.

Cabey is clearly an intelligent lyricist in that he doesn’t opt for the easy way out with regards to littering ‘Dr Feelgood’ with the cheap clichés and lazy metaphors that appear to constitute an unhealthy percentage of modern music, but instead makes use of his dark humour and gift for storytelling to breathe life into the song.

However, when it comes to this style of music there is always a danger of being caught in the trap of sounding very alike other artists, a trap, that arguably during a few occasional fleeting moments in the song, Cabey threatens to fall into, yet thankfully he overcomes these and the listener’s worries are dispelled by a change in rhythm or tempo.

This is most likely to be a sign that he is still finding himself musically, but it definitely doesn’t detract from the fact that he is clearly brimming with potential; if Cabey keeps his music as original as his lyrics, his next release will be something to look forward to.

Words: Ellen Renton


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