Record review: MiRROR PARTIES – Bear Vomit

a0002006947_10MiRROR PARTIES have seemingly appeared from absolutely nowhere, armed with a fresh and eclectic take on psychedelic slang pop, on first listen to the aptly titled Bear Vomit, it quickly becomes clear how disintegrated and fragmented a record the trio have released.

Within the tracks on show there is a collision and corrosive explosion of bulging bass segments and chiming disorientated distortion; throw it all together and there is a steady walloping of noise heaven.

That is not to say, though, that this record is not without flaws, because there are a few.

Firstly, there are a couple of interludes which create an unneeded tension, working in a opposite direction to the flow of the record – secondly, there are songs here which should have been left as cutter clutter on the studio floor – namely ‘Budd’ which bubbles and simmers, without ever exceeding and evolving into something more direct and exciting.

These inadequacies are exposed further in the potentially haunting ‘A Dog Returns to its Vomit’, which quivers and jangles, but collapses face first into a sea of dirge and monotonous scuzz.

Thankfully these mishaps are few and far between, ‘No Light’ is beautifully executed with a syncing conversational vocal line which crooks and bends over a dim bass line, similar effects are used in the track which precedes it, ‘Bodies’ is contravened in a coating of abrasive sirens, soaking up luscious pedal effects without becoming overbearing and irritatingly pretentious.

‘Cherry Pie’ is the track that stands out from the pack, with a sauntering guitar line that salivates and grinds against a back drop of psychedelic landscaped grooves, reminiscing of a time it was okay to kick about in long johns belting out some Echo and the Bunnymen, careless and carefree, frankly, superb.

Having an album that delves into the caves of psychedelic fuzz and frolics is all well and good, but MiRROR PARTIES have actually carved out more than a few anthems on this release, it is a bit mental that the band only have 22 likes on Facebook (at the time of writing), criminal in fact, check this out, then go have a dance when they play with The Yawns in the Glad Café later this month.

Words: Chris Kelman


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