Record Review: Bianca – ‘Aniseed/Well’ [Good Grief]

a4060363774_10‘Aniseed’ starts simple with a driving beat from drums that keep the cascade of dreamy synth and guitars layers from losing their way, acting as an interlude into the first major structure of this track.

In this section we see all parts of Bianca come together; the untreated vocals, which on certain syllables are on the verge of breaking, give an imperfection giving the music an honest quality that is by no means detrimental.

‘Aniseed’ takes on a more uplifting approach and provides beautiful nuances on all instruments, up until a contrasting dissonant section of apparated vocals and guitar distortion.

Something that Bianca show great skill in is their patience and pacing of sections, it leaves the listener unaware of how much time has passed and before you know it ‘Aniseed’’s generous length of 5:22 is over.

‘Well’ strikes a more sombre tone and makes uses of various guitar effects and humble vocals.

As the record grows it strikes a solemn and earnest picture to the listener and although simple in melody it packs a weighty emotional punch.

‘Well’ ends on a distorted and dissonant collection of ideas acting as a suitable end to a record that is a genuine delight to hear grow from its humble beginning.

Hopefully they can build on this success and maybe we can hope to see a larger release in the not so distant horizon.

Words: Euan Coe


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