Record review: David Murdoch – When Life Falters

untitledBrand new Scottish singer David Murdoch has just released his first album, giving everyone the opportunity to discover eleven original tracks, filled with passion and tradition and mixed up with an alternative vision exposing a singer not afraid to explore the dark corners of his musical universe.

A warning should be given to anyone that decides to listen to the Murdoch beforehand.

In most cases, track names do not expose any direction about the album’s mood but in this case with tracks like ‘And Now I’ve Got This Screaming In My Head’; ‘At The End Of A Relationship It All Goes To Hell’ or ‘I Will Raise Up A Demon Army’ offer the listener a certain avant-goût of what Mr. Murdoch is all about.

That being established, the Scottish singer lays bare a lot of talent in his melodies that always convey this ambivalent sadness that pervades the whole LP.

Between melancholy and euphoria, the singer invites us to wander in his universe while wearing his shoes; “will I walk ten miles? / will I talk all night? […] I’m not so sure I will do that anymore.”

Those eleven tracks are like appetizers, well prepared but unfortunately easily finished too.

They work as a prologue, a first step into Murdoch’s vision and allow the listeners to discover another singer hiding behind the curtain of fame and illusions.

Words: Jeremy Veyret


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