Record review: Fatherson – ‘Mine For Me’ [A Modern Way]

Fatherson Mine For Me Cover iTunes‘Mine For Me’ is the first single to be taken from Fatherson‘s long awaited debut album, I Am An Island, and judging by the album’s first offering, it has definitely been worth the wait.

Muffled distortion builds tension to the booming intro of crashing cymbals and electric guitars, met with singer Ross Leighton’s always perfect but still superbly live sounding vocals.

“I… I feel you/so hold back all your charms, and I’ll hold mine for me”; Fatherson can always be relied on to supply the coolest karaoke choruses, and ‘Mine For Me’ is possibly their best yet.

After your first listen, expect the immediately catchy vocal riffs to be the backing track to your thoughts for the next few days.

There are no lulls with this record; it’s the kind of intensely energetic song to cause involuntary jumping around and wild flailing of limbs, with some beautiful moments in between, fit for a boy band ballad swaying arm wave.

Anthemic lyrical hooks and polished production make ‘Mine For Me’ a properly exciting, epic record.

Words: Jessica Grace Brown


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