Record review: Ally Kerr – Viva Melodia [Much Obliged]

a3854413967_10Viva Melodia is the third album from Ally Kerr, one of the most popular sons of the Glasgow singer songwriter scene whose brand of humble yet charming music has gained him acclaim in recent years.

By the sound of things, this new record is going to propel him even further into the limelight.

Throughout the album, Kerr tends to opt for the formula of heartbreaking lyrics wrapped in slow yet sunny melodies, giving Viva Melodia an uplifting feel, this technique is put into particularly good use in the opening track ‘Everything I’ve Learned I Have Forgotten’.

Although the record is certainly very easy on the ear, it is anything but background music, the combination of the clear simplicity of Kerr’s voice and the honesty of his lyrics creates a strong sense of intimacy, so that it almost feels as though the songs have been written for the listener.

Although the singer appears to be sticking to what he knows in terms of the style, he has made some changes, most notably the addition of strings to his band giving the music a much richer sound; this is especially effective on ‘So Long Goodbye’.

In terms of highlights, ‘Man’s Man’ and ‘The Bitter Part’ are particularly strong, as is the brief yet beautiful ‘Future Mending’, which initially appeared on Kerr’s first album in a slightly different guise.

That said, every track contributes something special to the record.

The brilliant instrumental title track is a fitting conclusion to the album, and as the words Viva Melodia would suggest, Kerr’s melodies certainly do live on in the minds of listener long after the final chord.

Words: Ellen Renton


2 Responses to “Record review: Ally Kerr – Viva Melodia [Much Obliged]”

  1. All day long is my favorite!!


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