Live Review: Killer Cure, Saints, Jamie & The Buzz at The Buff Club, 9/8/13

JamieandthebuzzWith the retro 70s dance music blaring from the speakers and sparkling disco ball gleaming from the ceiling, the night seems fit for a proper old-school disco – the first band to emerge wearing neckties, bell-bottoms, and spandex would be a pretty fitting sight – but instead opening act Jamie & The Buzz bring a fresh, alternative rock sound.

A combination of screeching guitar riffs, loose drumbeats and a trembling voice that flicks off towards the end of each lyric almost with a 50s-style rock n’ roll throwback – their performance appears in places to be a bit of a shambles, this in return proves perhaps fitting to their style.

By the end of the first two songs, there proves to be incredible method in their madness as the old school approach and fast-paced, intrinsic melodies combine with lyrical tongue-in-cheek humour expressing youth culture and minimum wage frustrations to create a fusion of musical whit and talent.

This four-piece has a change of vocals for different songs, so whoever wrote the song gets to sing it – meaning that their style changes from artist to artist.

Among the undertones of working class struggles and adolescent shenanigans, there comes a song completely out of the blue about journalist Louis Theroux.

They change to the alternative singer for this track; his voice is deeper and proves to change the entire feel of the band from the fun 50s-contemporary Glaswegian band.

As their set continues they continue to trade guitars and lead vocals, belting out tune after tune, along with one particular “jazzy” number.

Unfortunately “the buzz” perchance in this gig referring to that horrific, ear-shrieking feedback from the speakers, which dominates the first half of their set, however their performance skills, melodies and catchy choruses overcome this small set back.

The band’s sixth offering is their newest song ‘Blackbirds Studio’, a surprisingly sensibly presented song that stands out from all the others – beautifully composed rifts, slow and calm, with a different lead vocalist and poetic lyrics.

This fantastically raw, new band will surely only get better and improve on their skillfully worded lyrics and musical talent – their next gig is on September 3 at Bloc, and well worth checking out.


Second act of the night, the ‘muscle’ five-piece band Saints, approach the stage; as lead singer (with tattoo sleeves and a stocky build) expresses in a sweet, soft Glaswegian accent “hello, we are Saints and this is a wee song”.

Immediately and without warning, this increasingly loud and fast paced eruption takes place with strong, bulky blasts from guitars and pounding, powerful drums as the frontman whines into the mic in his gruff Glaswegian drawl.

Saints compose an almost all or nothing feel throughout their performance, due to the strong beefy rifts and harsh rock feel.

The third and final band are the excitingly, unique and high energy driven Killer Cure – a Glaswegian mixed five-piece that describe their extraordinarily distinct tunes as a “hybrid of musical style, featuring elements of rock, electro, pop and metal”.

The quintet dominate the stage in sheer number and energetic performance, their unique melodies and lyrics really make you take notice, as their fresh approach to both performance and songwriting/musical skill truly make them something special.

Powerful female vocals from Lynne Howard and spacey electro tunes from keyboardist Michaella Prince stand out for all the right reasons.

And with the addition of particularly rock emphasised riffs from guitar (from David Mackinnon) and bass (from Raymond McAllister) as well as the edition of pounding drum beats (from Karyn McGuigan) add to this distinctive sound.


No doubt there is enthusiasm from Killer Cure, with hand-clapping, head nodding, dancing along to their own songs – their performance itself is flawless alongside their energetic and positive approach that exudes fun from every pore.

And when faced with every bands challenge from the crowd… a sea of blank faces, Killer Cure take this in their stride with Howard encouragingly shouting “feel free to dance, its not moving statues, it’s Friday night!”

Jamie & The Buzz, Saints, and Killer Cure – just three more fantastic examples of what new, incredible, talent the city of Glasgow has to offer.

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Words: Charlotte Anne McVey
Photos: Vicky Anderson


2 Comments to “Live Review: Killer Cure, Saints, Jamie & The Buzz at The Buff Club, 9/8/13”

  1. Thank you for the positive review! I hope you can come to more of our gigs in the future – it would be great to see you there! x

    • Thank you Michaella! I appreciate that! And well done on Killer Cure’s performance! Good luck for battle of the bands and best of luck with all of your future endeavours!x

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