Record Review: The Recovery! – ‘Taking Care of Business’ [Cold War Legacy]

993328_599265983452200_227716208_nI wonder if Glasgow punk rock mob The Recovery! takes their coffee like they enjoy their music; slightly dark with a sweet after taste.

Latest single ‘Taking Care of Business’ is full of dark chugging guitars and abrasively gruff vocals, which when put together creates an embellished and refined take on contemporary hardcore, in short, it works a treat.

Vocalist Andy Cannon for the past ten years has featured in his fair share of Glasgow bands, but it is in The Recovery! that he has truly found his range and ability seamlessly enshrine itself into the music.

There are moments, however, when this track sounds way too much of a throwback to American hardcore heavyweights The Dillinger Escape Plan and The Bronx – particularly the intro and opening notes, which despite some immaculate finger shredding guitar action, sound at points too similar to their American counterparts and detract from originality.

Get past this small glitch, though, and there is a plethora of delicious harmonies to be found all over the shop in ‘Taking Care of Business’, I can imagine this track turning into a complete beast within a live setting.

Words: Chris Kelman


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