Live Review: Mark Copeland and the Wounded Pirates, Alice & The Rampant Trio, Junebug, Dave Devereux at The Roxy 171, 2/8/13

IMG_8718 2At exactly eight thirty in the Roxy 171’s small but intimate basement the lights are down, the crowd quickly finish their hushed conversations and look up to see David Devereux take to the stage.

The waistcoat brandishing folky stands there with his mad Bob Dylan hair cut and a… a six string bass!? I am intrigued.

He introduces himself, he’s quite a modest chap, and look down at his instrument and he begins to pluck away.

From out of the silence he creates a beautiful little bouncing melody, loops it, and after a few seconds you realise you’re hearing the opening synth riff to The Who’s ‘Baba O’Riley’.

With an arsenal of instrumental covers, ranging from Michael Jackson’s ‘Billie Jean’ to Daft Punk’s newest hit, ‘Get Lucky’ Devereux’s set goes down like a storm.

As the set closes and he is applauded off of stage you feel, although talented, Devereux’s set fells like an all male a cappella group covering Victor Wooten.

It is all very similar sounding and lacked texture, however it is evident that the lad knows how to entertain, with much of the audience applauding and cat calling it seems Devereux is doing well on the scene.

Junebug is well known on the Glasgow gig circuit but tonight they are a drummer down and so they launch into a very laid back acoustic set.

Sadly, the lack of a drummer begins to show and it feels like a poorly arranged open mic night set.

The six-song set consists mainly of original material, all very post Britpop and Byrds-esque in sound.

To fill the set up a bit there are two unpolished covers thrown in, but these are lacking in practice and tightness, which leads to an uninterested audience.

IMG_8635 2

The set is lackluster at points and contains rookie mistakes, such as an out of tune bass, which is consistent the whole way through.

Needless to say their saving grace is ‘The Mill’, which contains beautiful harmonising on the guitars, the vocals are brooding but confident, and the song fells well rehearsed.

It is a shame to see a band that tours Glasgow’s venues so frequently play a set so uninteresting that at one point the audience was louder than the performance.

Alice & the Rampant Trio is the first full band of the night and they are here to do one thing only, “to melt your faces off,” Alice announces into the mic.

They aren’t far off either and the audience warms to them straight away.

Opener, ‘Orange Moon’ is calming, and slowly begins the “face melting”, yet that calm energy disperses as they turn up the intensity on the rest of the set.

With hearts aching and a voice howling like a wolf, the Rampant Trio power on through acoustic-led grunge ballads that are riddled with powerful beats and emotional vocals.

The set moves faster and tears everyone to shreds leaving the audience howling with adoration by the end.

With a strong rhythm guitar, lead style bass and steady drums, the Rampant Trio are typically, and terrifically grunge.

They have the melody of the 60’s combined with the experimentation of 80‘s and the audience loves them.

Mark Copeland and the Wounded Pirates are the final act to take to the stage, but the wounded pirates aren’t there… Whoops.

Copeland, however, handles this like a champ, cracks a joke, breaks the tension, and belts out beautifully crafted folk songs that recall Elliot Smith and Billy Bragg.

Though he is flying solo, he pulls everything he’s got out of the bag; passion, poetic lyrics, melody and roaring vocals, which really get the couples in the room entwining…

Oh yes and comedy, he literally introduces his absent band mates, causing mass laughter from the crowd.

His jangly acoustic continues to play, pretty much solidly for the duration of the set, stopping only to allow Copeland time to crack jokes about his wounded band mates.

Finally his emotional outburst ends, he thanks the audience, and finally leaves the stage to applause and respect from the crowd.

more photos

Words: Luke Dinsdale
Photos: Ronnie Poffley


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  1. Nice Review – here’s some video of the gig:

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