Record review: Culann – ‘Beat Your Chest’

The very thought of Prog-Rock making a comeback will send shivers down the spines of many but Culann are taking the genre in their own terms.

‘Beat Your Chest’ opens up with intent like the beginning of ‘Killing in the Name Of’, you almost expect a burst of noise and a rap vocal delivered ‘uh!’

However the track is allowed to build itself into a hybrid cross of Pink Floyd and The Misfits, which should not work, it really shouldn’t, but here it sounds like it was always meant to be combined into a rock opera catered for the modern day nostalgic.

In six minutes ‘Beat Your Chest’ has more riffs than you can shake your vintage Hammond Organ at, which they do, as the track turns upbeat in the middle interlude before resorting back to the fundamental rock sound.

The call and response chant in the outro is soundtracked by a head bang inducing riff taking clean out of a lost best of 70’s rock compilation, by no means ‘cool’ by today’s standard but when taken with a hint of irony it serves well.

Uplifting, retro and inevitably interesting Culann have made their statement, it will be interesting to see how it develops. Watch this space.

Words: Ryan Sharpe (@ryn_sh)


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